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How to Get Instagram Followers Fast in 2019

Instagram is the most popular social network in teens and youth. People are daily updating their status with Instagram stories or posts. So, it is the most loved platform to share their daily lives. Moreover, Instagram is also useful for business people, as Instagram marketing the most effective marketing nowadays.

Today, people are also expecting to get Instagram followers fast for free but most of them are not able to achieve it.

Of course, having more people as your followers will definitely help you grow more customer base and increase your sales revenue.

In this blog, we will see how to get Instagram followers fast, and that too by the most effective techniques.

How to Get Instagram Followers Fast: Use These 9 Methods

I am going to share the ultimate tricks that will surely help you in increasing followers on IG.

# 1. Use Proper Hashtags

Start using proper hashtags relevant to your niche. Relevant hashtags will attract more people to your account and will provide you with more followers as well.

If your niche is pets and dogs and cats, then you should add more hashtags relevant to pets, dogs, and cats. The same works with any other niche.

You can use hashtags tool, which will provide you with so many relevant hashtags by accepting the input of only one word. You just need to enter one word, and the tool will provide you with so many relevant hashtags and let you copy it in your clipboard.

The maximum hashtags you can use is either 5 or 11, or any arbitrary number. But, you can add more relevant hashtags in the very first comment. It works like a charm. No one will notice the hashtags comment, and it will work for you to get the audience as well.

# 2. Add Location

Always add location to your posts. A tagged location will help you attract a particular area audience and get more Instagram followers through it. So, always try to add a location to your posts. Moreover, if you want to target a specific location, then add that particular location and see the crowd from that area coming to you. A post with a tagged location has a higher chance of getting more engagement.

And do not ever tag a whole city as your location, as its territory will be wide and large. So, there would be many posts tagged on that location. So, try to add a specific street or a specific location (like Chandni Chowk in Delhi, instead of Delhi) So, there would be lesser posts tagged on that location as compared to the whole city’s location. So, add a location and that too should be a specific location.

# 3. Follow People Who Like Competing Pages

This strategy also works fine. There must be many competitors out there who are competing with you in the same niche as yours. See their posts and see who have liked those posts, and you can follow all those people who frequently like your competitor’s posts.

Suppose you are running a Furniture industry and there is a competitor of yours having more followers on Instagram, then you can go to that competitor’s profile, and follow people who frequently like that competitor’s posts. After they follow you back, you can unfollow them :P. Nice trick, works anytime. It might be an unethical trick, but you can definitely increase your followers through this charming trick.

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# 4. Setup Giveaways

To attract more audience, you need to attract people by setting up some free giveaways. People get attracted to free giveaways easily. You can post a post announcing a free giveaway of anything. Make it a book, a special piece of art, a gift card or even an ebook. Tell your followers to like, comment and tag 3 or 5 people in the post and randomly announce a winner. This trick will increase your post’s engagement ratio and is most likely to increase your follower’s count and hence increase your customers and sales revenue.

You can announce a free giveaway of anything dependent on your niche, and tell your followers to like, follow and tag people in your account. Then, you can randomly select one or three winners and give them the present of that free giveaway. This way more and more people will reach your account, know about your existence and might business with you.

# 5. Join Instagram Engagement Groups

Another trick to increase your followers is to join Instagram engagement groups. There are so many facebook public and closed groups, which allows you to post on getting Instagram engagement. In these, you can advertise your Instagram account and ask people in the group to engage on your Instagram posts. You too can engage on someone else’s posts when they ask you to, but it is not necessary.

These Instagram engagement groups will definitely boost your engagement rate and make your posts viral. By getting engagement like this, your post can get viral and attract more followers to your Instagram account.

You can announce a free giveaway of anything dependent on your niche, and tell your followers to like, follow and tag people in your account. Then, you can randomly select one or three winners and give them the present of that free giveaway. This way more and more people will reach your account, know about your existence and might business with you.

# 6. Ask Customers to Share Photos

This trick works very very well. Trust me, there is no better working strategy than this. A customer will definitely trust the other customer’s honest review. Ask your customer to drop post reviewing your product or services. That honest review post with your account tagged in it will show up on your profile, and the customers will learn about your products and services by reading those honest customer reviews.

A happy customer is an effective brand ambassador. You can re-post that customer’s post or put that post on your story and let your followers know about your happy customers and how can they (your followers) become one(your happy customer).

So, this is how a happy customer will be your greatest advocate, and you can get more followers through it.

# 7. Use Your post in Your Blog

Now, this trick also works great if you can manage to get so many visitors on your blog. If you already have a good audience on your blog, then you can get a plethora of audience through your blog to your Instagram account. Here’s the explanation of how can you drive your blog traffic to your Instagram account.

Suppose you’re running a blog which is already popular and hits great traffic every day. So, you can write a new post and include your Instagram post through embed code and drive your blog’s traffic to your Instagram account. With embed code of your particular post, your blog visitor can be redirected directly to your Instagram account and can like your post or can follow you.

This technique works great for frequent influential bloggers and they can get more Instagram followers from their blog’s traffic.

# 8. Get an Influencer

Another option is to get an influencer for your Instagram account who will promote your account and shoutout your account and drive traffic to your Instagram account and get you more followers. This influencer thing might cost you a little, but if you have picked a strong influencer then you can get a vast number of followers through your influencer. You can ask your influencer to post a post on his/her Instagram account or to put up stories or you can hire the influencer for a photo shoot and then upload that photo on your account. There are so many ways an influencer can promote your account in an effective way.

You can ask any celeb or a famous person to become your influencer and shoutout your account through it. And of course, they will charge you for that shoutout, but choose the influencer wisely and you can get a lot of followers through that influencer thing.

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# 9. Tag People

Last but not least, tagging people in your Instagram posts will help you get more followers. But, how? Your tagged posts will appear on your tagged people’s profile. And this way your posts will have more reaches and more impressions. But, how and why would you tag people in your posts? Here are some reasons how can you tag people in your posts without making it look like an unnecessary tag.

Tag business partner/affiliates

You can tag your business partner or affiliates in your post, but make sure that the tag is not an unnecessary tag. You can tell something good about your business partner or affiliate in the post and then just post that post.

Tag the giveaway winner

When you set up giveaways and announce a random winner, you can announce the winner in your post and tag that winner in the post.

Client Testimonials

You can tag your client in the testimonial post. If any client has given a testimonial or reviewed your product, then you can upload that on the Instagram post and tag that client.

So, these were some tactics through which you can get more Instagram followers fast. But, apart from these tactics which take some time to earn more followers, there is one technique which can get you a lot of followers really fast, and that is to buy real Instagram followers. Yes, buying real Instagram followers won’t harm the Instagram policy and you can really earn as many followers as you want. And I hope that answers your question on how to get Instagram followers fast. So, if you are really interested in buying real Instagram follower, then you can buy the followers from a trusted supplier, and instantly increase your fame and business through Instagram.